CineArte – 4th annual arts festival | April 21-23 2017 | Hollywood

Don’t miss the 4th annual arts festival dedicated to showcasing the stories of LGBTQ, two-spirited, Latinx, Chicanx, and indigenous identities through film and visual art in a space that builds on their rich and diverse cultural history.

Familia Y Mas Shorts

Saturday, April 22 | 2 p.m. | 68 minutes

Undocumented Tales
Director: Armando Ibanez, 14 min

South Bronx Dad
Director: Kase Pena, 3 min

Director: Florencia Manovil, 16 min

In the Paint
Director: Ashton Pina, 8 min

My Parents
Director: Natalie Camunas, 3 min

Director: Nancy Mejia, 8 min

Sweet Spot
Director: Kimberly Bautista, 16 min

Grown Y Crudo/As Shorts

Sunday, April 23 | 3 p.m. | 62 minutes

Cherry Soda
Director: Sherry Yiyang Shi, 12 min


Director: Leann Bowen, 11 min


Director: Steven Liang, 14 min

The Homo Cholo

Produced: Emering Us, 4 min

Get the Life

Director: Ozzy Villazon, 8 min


Co-Directors: Dominic Colon & Sebastian Rice, 10 min

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