Raising Zoe at Outfest 7.10.16 | Outfest Film Festival

Raising Zoe at Outfest 7.10.16 | Outfest Film Festival

Raising Zoey Teaser Trailer 7.4.2016 from Mario Jose Novoa on Vimeo.

Raising Zoey preceded by Whittier Boulevard Documentary Features (USA, 2016, 54 min) World Premiere Directed By: Dante H. Alencastre Moderator: Raymond Braun

Playing today Sunday July 10, 2016 3PM | Raising Zoe presents a year in the life of trans Latina teenager, Zoey Luna, as she struggles for acceptance at her middle school and faces the challenges of being a teenager in a conservative heteronormative world.

Like many teenagers, Zoey is into makeup, loves drawing, and is planning to start dating boys in high school. But things aren’t always so easy for a transgender 13-year-old girl. We follow her life just after winning a case against her school district for discrimination, as she begins hormone treatments and publicly advocates for change with her mother and sister always by her side. Buoyed by Zoey’s positive spirit, this documentary by Dante Alencastre (TRANSVISIBLE) is uplifting and inspirational.

Directed by Dante Alencastre

Dante Alencastre is an award winning documentary filmmaker and activist. He is renowned in the LGBTQ community for his insightful and intimate documentation of trans lives as well as in his native country, Peru, through films such as En El Fuego (2007) and El Fuego Dentro (2012). Most recently, he is known for his award winning documentary on the life of nationally recognized trans Latina activist, Bamby Salcedo, Transvisible: Bamby Salcedo’s Story (2013), which has garnered numerous praise and a large national attention not only for the vitality and charisma of Ms. Salcedo but also for the intersectionalities documented in its narrative: trans, Latina, HIV+, immigration, addiction, youth, leadership and family


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