‘The Get Down’ Netflix Trailer

The guy who made Moulin Rouge has teamed up with the guy who made The Shield to make a very unique musical show for Netflix.

Source: ‘The Get Down’ Netflix Trailer


If 2015 was the year Netflix really came out of its shell as a content-producing network, what does that make 2016? We’re days in and we’re already piling up plenty of titles — including Daredevil and Judd Apatow’s Love — that will be added to our collective queue in the near future.

Add to that list The Get Down, from Baz Luhrmann and Shawn Ryan (The Shield, Terriers). As Joanna Robinson points out over at Vanity Fair, there are a number of comparisons that quickly come to mind. HBO’s upcoming show VinylEmpire, even some West Side Story. The only thing it doesn’t look like is a Baz Luhrmann production. It’s grounded, lives on the streets of the Bronx, but still has plenty of style.

Read more at Film School Rejects:  http://filmschoolrejects.com/news/the-get-down-netflix-trailer.php#ixzz3wbab6AJw
Read more at http://filmschoolrejects.com/news/the-get-down-netflix-trailer.php#6RTj6IZ5bjKV9PUV.99

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