Univision Launches Multi-Channel Network To Reach Bilingual Viewers

Univision Launches Multi-Channel Network To Reach Bilingual Viewers.


Univision is best known for its TV channel, but the Hispanic-American network is getting serious about the web. At VidCon, it announced the launch of the Univision Creator Network, a multi-channel network (MCN) whose launch partners include several big names across online video platforms like YouTube and Vine.

The Univision Creator Network is its parent company’s attempt to reach a larger number of bilingual Millennials, which a press release colloquially refers to as “billennials.” The MCN builds off Univision’s previous digital efforts, including Flama, a Latino-focused online video channel it launched alongside Bedrocket in April 2014.

“We are leveraging the best of the Univision portfolio with the appropriate audience and advertising base to build an influential network of content creators to target these ‘billennials’,” said Steven Benanav, Univision’s VP of Content Partnerships & General Manager of Flama, in the release. “For more than 50 years, Univision’s mission has been to inform, entertain and empower Hispanic America. Therefore, the Univision Creators Network is a natural extension of our portfolio, offering a 360° value proposition for consumers and advertisers alike in this targeted market.”

Univision’s MCN will offer a number of services for its creative partners, including production facilities, sales opportunities, support for collaborations, and the potential for cross-platform expansion onto TV and beyond. This package has already attracted a number of recognizable names to the network’s roster of talent. Hispanic-American YouTube star Eric Ochoa is on board, as are popular Vine personalities like Ronnie Banks and Louis Giordano.

More information about the Univision Creator Network, including instructions on how to apply to join it, can be found on the MCN’s website.


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