Christmas in July!

Les-Centric Guide

I am going to take a pause from our 1992 film to talk a little about something that is so vitally important: OUTFEST

If you haven’t heard of OUTFEST this is possibly one of the most important blog posts of your life.

A shot I got onset from their Outset Short “Cafe Au Lait”

Outfest is a non profit organization out of Los Angeles which helps to nurture, promote, and inspire people in the LGBTQ community. They have a program called OUTSET where they take LGBTQ kids and put cameras in their hands to write/produce/cast/direct short films which are screened at a theater in town. They have the FUSION FILM FESTIVAL which is specifically geared toward LGBTQ people of color. They hold FUSION LABS which bring together people in the industry to help educate anyone interested in the filmmaking process.

A shot I got from their opening night at the…

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