YouTube Will Soon Introduce Ten New Features For Creators

YouTube Will Soon Introduce Ten New Features For Creators.

YouTube will bring plenty of creator-focused updates to its platform within the year. Google’s online video site has given a behind-the-scenes look at ten new features and improvements it is bringing to the YouTube platform.

For starters, Google’s online video site plans to implement Creator Community forums where users can connect, collaborate, and swap advice. YouTube has improved the Creator Academy’s functionality so creators can more easily search the 50+ training videos and personalize their learning experience. YouTube’s app will also boast new features for creators, such as improved insights and notifications about channel activity. The YouTube app will also contain enhanced mobile management features to help creators turn monetization on or off, and update video thumbnails on-the-go.

Comments are another area YouTube’s development team has improved for creators. In order to turn over a new leaf after a long history of controversy, YouTube comments will now boast less troll-bait and spam. The site’s developers created a ranking system which makes these types of negative comments less visible. And the system’s worked so well in testing that product manager Kiley McEvoy said the rate of dislikes on comments across all of YouTube has dropped more than 36%.

Additionally, YouTube is focusing on improving the video experience for creators’ fans. The site is adding a type of card dubbed Channel card, which can be used to link a video to another channel (either the creator’s or a collaborator’s, for example). YouTube is also onboarding more 360-degree video and even 3D support, and making users’ subscription notifications and feed access more streamlined on YouTube and its corresponding app.

You can check out all of YouTube’s upcoming creator features in the company’s blog post. YouTube notes some of these features will be available within the next few weeks, and all will be rolled out within the year.


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