‘Unfriended’ Review: Will Teens Actually Go Offline To See This ‘Grand Googlenol’?


It seems Hollywood finally has found a way of getting teens offline and in line. Just make a movie like Unfriended, where the entire 82-minute running time takes place in front of a computer screen. Blumhouse has done it again. As I say in my video review above, it have made a cheapie horror thriller that is virtually disconnected from human interaction and plugged into a cyber-age Friday The 13th-style Facebook fright fest. Let’s call it “Grand Googlenol.”

In Universal’s latest attempt to mint money from the cagey and unreliable teen audience, the studio has gone right to the heart of Deadline Review Badge Pete Hammondhow kids today apparently communicate: in chatrooms, Google hangouts, Skype sessions — you name it, it’s here. Plot? What plot? It’s the one-year anniversary of the suicide of Laura, who took her own life after an embarrassing video surfaced online — a video spread virally by her so-called friends…

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