Science Says Dogs Are ‘Hugging You With Their Eyes’ When They Stare At You



Science is confirming what dog lovers have always wished and dreamed was true! According to a new study in the journal Science, a prolonged stare from a dog is a sign of love and attachment to its owner. “Okay,” you’re saying, “I already knew that because I love my dog and my dog loves me, even though Pickles doesn’t speak English. Look, our love is just understood and beautiful, okay?” But here is where science seems to prove this bond.

Oxytocin is a hormone that triggers feelings of bonding and attachment. It spikes when a mother is giving birth to a child, but it also increases during sexual intercourse. It’s what is responsible for your most heart-wrenching, lovey-dovey feelings, but it also is produced by our precious doggies.

Japanese researchers ran an experiment on dog owners interacting with their pets, as well as with domesticated wolves. However, even a…

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