Pro Video Coalition – Lumix GH4: After the Hollywood Look

Pro Video Coalition – Lumix GH4: After the Hollywood Look.

The new options available for the Lumix GH4 are probably an indication of what can be expected from the GH5, when it comes out. But for now, users of this model will be able to achieve the Hollywood look with a simple firmware update. It is not perfect, but it will open new and easier ways to achieve results.

The announcement of the firmware update Ver.2.2 for the Lumix GH4 reveals that Panasonic paid attention to the experiments made by GH4 users. Aware that many cinematographers had been experimenting with the 4K PHOTO mode 4:3 aspect ratio in the camera, associating it with vintage anamorphic cine lenses to achieve the classic Hollywood look of anamorphic film capture, Panasonic invested into the development of a firmware update that extends the possibilities of the camera in that area..

Anamorphic lenses are used to create a cinemascope aspect such as 2.39:1 or 2.35:1 and the Hollywood look so many aim for. Unlike complex digital post processing needed to achieve the look, many of the background distortion and light flare effects that became so popular with anamorphic film capture can now be achieved optically in the Lumix GH4 through the firmware update.



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