‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Legacy Trailer Looks Back To The Gritty Future


Warner Bros has come up with a nifty clip retrospective of previous Mad Max movies seguing into the upcoming reincarnation Mad Max: Fury Road. Introducing what the studio calls a “legacy” trailer is a logo that sparks a bit of déjà vu. The stylized zooming W against a red background is from the ’70s-’80s incarnation of Warner Bros run by Steve Ross, who led a major, sustained renaissance at the studio that Jack and Harry built. A little more than half of the UK version of the trailer is spent looking back at the earlier Mad Max pictures.

Director George Miller has been aboard all four movies — the original Mad Max (released in the US by American International Pictures), Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (WB’s 1981 entry to the series), 1985’s Mad Max Beyond Thunder Dome (on which Miller shared credit with George Ogilvie) and now Fury Road

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