Here’s What The Cast Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Was Up To Before The Zombie Apocalypse


As a follow-up to our recent Game of Thrones Characters Before They Were Famous post, here’s a video from Screen Junkies showing off what The Walking Dead cast was up to before the zombie apocalypse.

For example, did you know that several actors on the show are Secretly British? It’s a good thing we’re no longer at war with England, or the country could be full of secret agents yabbering at each other in perfect American accents, and we would never know. “Do you want fries with that?” they’d mock amongst themselves as they sneak launch codes out of the country.

Andrew Lincoln (Rick) is the best known of the UK group, having been in the constantly-on-cable-TV Love Actually. But did you know David Morrissey (The Governor) is so British that he shows up in Doctor Who wearing pantaloons and an ascot? And everyone’s favorite American-as-apple-pie girl next door Lauren…

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