Why Cable And Phone Companies Should Concede Defeat On Net Neutrality


Here’s some free advice for the cable and phone companies licking their wounds after they failed to derail the FCC’s net neutrality rules on Thursday: Forget about it. Move on. It will pay off in the long run.

Giving up isn’t in their nature. Comcast, Verizon and fellow Internet service providers (ISPs) hired some of the best legal, lobbying and PR talent that money could buy to pummel opponents in the typically closed-door battles over laws and regulations. But the hot-button issue of net neutrality is different. At best, the big pipe owners can hope only to win a Pyrrhic victory should they decide to reflexively wield their K Street clout and battle the FCC over the issue in the courts or in Congress.

The public cares about the open Internet rules in a way that few could have imagined a year or two ago. By continuing to attack the FCC, ISPs will reinforce their reputations as old-fashioned gatekeepers…

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