What psych disorders fuel the Oscars’ top eight films?


This year’s Oscars are all about psychological drama — clashing egos, searing traumas, neurotic outbursts. And that’s just the Vanity Fair after-party.

Of course, the eight contenders for Best Picture are teeming with psychodrama, too. The pyrotechnics in Guardians of the Galaxy may be epic — but, for some movie buffs, they’re nothing compared to Michael Keaton’s manic freak-outs in Birdman.

The movies up for the top prize draw us inside their characters’ heads — but only to a point. That got us thinking: What’s really going on in their brains, from a clinical perspective?

We did some research and talked about the conditions explored on screen with Dr. Carlos Pato, chair of the University of Southern California’s Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. Pato had seen all eight films up for Best Picture. (Oh, L.A. — never change!)

It’s important to remember that Hollywood screenplays aren’t exactly excerpted…

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