A Queer Latino filmmaker’s story on Creating Change

National LGBTQ Task Force Blog

Creating Change 2015 was my third year coming to the conference. I am a filmmaker and activist; and my documentaries have shed light on subjects of injustice, human rights, gender and leadership for the whole spectrum of diverse communities that encompasses our LGBTQ family.

Dante Alencastre Dante Alencastre

What attracted to me the conference was the creation of a day-long Latino Institute. Having been in the programming committee for the last three years has opened up my eyes to a myriad of other very particular issues that face us queer Latinos including immigration, violence, faith and family acceptance.

Family acceptance and support for me and my queer Latino brothers and sisters is the key to empowerment and social change. It has also allowed me to meet some of my heroes and role models including veteran activists such as Dolores Huerta, Roland Palencia, Valerie Spencer, Bamby Salcedo and so many others young and…

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