‘CSI: Cyber’: Procedural Will Educate Family Auds On Horrors Of Hacking – TCA


More than just entertaining TV audiences on Wednesday nights at 10pm, the cast and executive producers of CBS’ new spinoff CSI:Cyber really want to educate Americans on cyber crimes — because it effects everyone.

KittyExclaimed series star Patricia Arquette, who was fresh and center at this morning’s TCA panel after winning a best supporting actress Golden Globe last night for her turn in Boyhood, “I don’t’ think we should hide from this (cyber crimes). We can’t be an ostrich burying its head in the sand. We need to start asking questions like, do we need our phones to be Wifi-enabled? Do our coffeemakers need to be Wifi-enabled? We need to keep ourselves as low-tech as possible to avoid these unnecessary moments.  Yes, we gobble everything up for convenience, but it becomes very inconvenient when you’re hacked.”

Added actor Charley Koontz, “These aren’t crimes that entail revenge or cheating on a…

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