YouTube Stars KickThePj, Sawyer Hartman To Launch Vimeo Series On Demand


YouTube stars KickThePj (a.k.a. PJ Liguori) and Sawyer Hartman will each launch an online-video series exclusively on Vimeo On Demand through a deal announced this morning with New Form Digital Studios. Two more series will be developed later this year as part of the New Form-Vimeo deal.

Liguori and Hartman won series-development deals as a result of short films they created in late 2014 as part of an incubator project run by New Form, the new multi-channel network backed by Brian Grazer, Ron Howard and Discovery Communications.

Vimeo New Form Digital StudioThe deals represent another step in the broadening of the online-video business, still dominated by YouTube and its freely available videos in their bewildering multiplicity, but increasingly featuring other big companies and new ways of making money. The decade-old Vimeo has long been an upscale competitor of YouTube, specializing in higher-quality content and offering ways to sell or rent videos through its…

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