Clowdy Lets Music Producers And Filmmakers Showcase And Get Credit For Their Work


If I was being lazy, I might describe UK startup Clowdy as a ‘LinkedIn for creatives’. The site and apps for iOS and Android let those in the creative industry showcase their work, tag each other’s contributions, and network for future collaboration. The premise being that LinkedIn’s work history format (designed, dare I say, primarily to sell user data to recruiters and other power networkers) doesn’t work well for the likes of indie music producers and filmmakers, where the ability to show what you’ve done trumps who you’ve worked for. In the creative industry, your portfolio is the currency you trade in.

“Clowdy solves two problems in the creative industries,” says co-founder and CEO Stuart Logan. “First, creative people don’t have a resume like most because their history is about their content and artwork not their employment history. The second issue is many people often collaborate on a project but…

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