Documentary Film: L.A. A Queer History–4/x/3326297

L.A. has a history you’ve never heard before. A documentary film showcasing 100 years of LGBT pioneers who helped shape the community & the world.

Most consider the Stonewall riots as the beginning of the Gay Civil Rights movement, but the true heart of it began in Los Angeles as early as 1947. And there have been Gay pioneers and artists who have been shaping our community as early as the turn of the 20th century.–4/x/3326297

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The first film of it’s kind, L.A. A Queer History chronicles the untold story of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered people that helped shape the community, the city and the world. Told by artists, scholars, historians and the people who lived it.


Novoa_Mario_LAQH1This documentary began two years ago when dir. Gregorio Davila discovered (through articles, books and archival resources) how many Gays and Lesbians in Los Angeles had contributed not only to our civil rights movement, but to the arts in general.

“How can these amazing contributions from our own community be so unappreciated? I felt compelled to make this movie. I presented the ideas to producer Mario J. Novoa. With energy and enthusiasm, we began a long process of development.” – Gregorio Davila


Novoa_Mario_LAQH2“Without funding, Mario and I, under Film Bliss Studios began using our combined resources to begin production in May 2014. Why start without funding? Because there was an urgency to capture and document stories from pioneers and trailblazers who are still in Los Angeles. And an even more urgency to capture their stories while they are still with us. Most of our interviewees are over 80 years of age.” – Gregorio Davila

The Story

Novoa_Mario_LAQH3Bringing awareness to the evolution of Gay identity and gender identity throughout the 20th century, L.A. A Queer History will explore the sexual eden of early Hollywood, where openly Gay and Lesbian designers, artists and actors molded Hollywood to become the sex and glamour capital of the world. The gender neutral, sexless family entertainment of early male & female impersonators, like Julian Eltinge, ruled vaudeville stages at the turn of the century. Eventually crossing into film, Eltinge was widely popular until the Hollywood Production code banned a-normal gender roles on screen, which resulted in the death of these beloved performers of stage and screen. Hollywood being the most influential form of media in our society, public view of “pansy” men went from one of innocent entertainment to “sexual perversion” with criminal and social demonization and the beginnings of the Gay bar raids, entrapment, arrests for “masquerading” and overall criminalization of Homosexuals, which reached it’s peak during the 1950’s McCarthy era with the eradication of Homosexuals in the State Department.

It was this type of persecution that compelled Harry Hay to form the Mattachine Society in 1950; the first longstanding Gay rights organization, ONE Inc. to publish ONE Magazine in 1953; the first positive pro-Homosexual magazine, and Troy Perry to form the Metropolitan Community Church in 1968; the first Gay church for Gays & Lesbians who had been ousted form the church.
In the late 1960’s, Don Kilhefner along with Gay rights luminaire Morris Kight and John Platania, opened the first ever Gay Community Services Center in L.A. Focused on homeless Queer youth and offering services to the LGBTQ community that, due to discrimination or demonization, they couldn’t get anywhere else. The first of it’s kind in the world, the GCSC, now called the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center, is the largest LGBTQ organization in the world.

In 1970, organizers held the first ever Gay pride parade down Hollywood boulevard to a sea of over 2,000 curious onlookers. Other major cities soon followed suit. In activism and arts, Los Angeles has been at the forefront of the Gay movement for decades prior to the Stonewall Riots. It’s time these stories were told.


Novoa_Mario_LAQH4Many Queer youth today are unaware of their history. Term “Gay Pride” was coined in Los Angeles at the first pride parade in 1970, but our youth don’t know the context upon which that term was originally presented. It was during a time of great homophobia, not only from society but also from law enforcement. We seek to reinstate that original notion of Pride and give our community something to really be proud about.

We’ve already begun sharing part of our film as a short centered around Nancy Valverde story called, “Nancy From Eastside Clover”. This short which has been selected at QFilms Long Beach (Sept 2014) and The Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival (Oct 2014).
The best defense against ignorance is education.

Production Schedule

May 2014 to November 2014 – Production
September 2014 – October 2914 – Fundraising Campaign
November 2014 to January 2015 – Post Production
January 1st 2015 – First Cut
February 1st 2015 – Second Cut
March 1st 2015 – Final Cut
March 1st 2015 – Begin Festival Submissions
April 1, 2015 – Private Screening


A donation comes in many forms, including SHARES, LIKES, TWEETS, and WORD OF MOUTH! Please spread the word to your friends or anyone who might appreciate this documentary. We are also interested in community partnerships. Please use the IndieGoGo SHARING tools.

If you have time, gear or post-production talents and can donate your time and services, please contact us. If you would like to host a fundraising event with a filmmaker Q&A, please contact us.

One of the biggest challenges has been acquiring the funds to conduct these interviews of all these Gay and Lesbian heroes while they are still with us. Most of whom are in their late 70’s to late 80’s.

We need your help!

One of our most pressing situations with LAQH is missed opportunity for interviewing elder LGBT pioneers. What would happen if these voices were never heard?

Every production needs funding, especially a project of this caliber. Not only are we creating a film but we are archiving hours of interviews that will live on forever. We will be launching out website available to the public for research. Funding will help us continue shooting high quality HD interviews.

Producers Mario J. Novoa and Gregorio Davila have a long history of production, over 25 years combined. They are making sure money and time spent are efficient and in pursuit of the goal to make a high quality captivating documentary about Los Angeles history.

We hope that your trust and belief in our abilities will contribute to the completion of this film. You are jointing a team making a change and shedding light on LGBTQ history.

With your support we will be able to finish L.A. A Queer History. But filmmaking is expensive and we need your help to cover the hard costs.

  • Insurance
    Film Permits
    Camera Equipment
    Grip & Lighting
    Post production
    Color Correction
    Sound Mixing
    Festival Entries

Please help us make history and donate today!! Thank you!!–4/x/3326297


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