Al Pacino In-Depth: On ‘The Humbling’, Old Vs. New Hollywood And ‘Scarface’


An eight-time Oscar nominee—and winner for Scent of a Woman—two-time Emmy victor and five time Golden Globe winner, Al Pacino is not a legend who rests on his laurels. The star of such iconic films as The Godfather, Scarface, Dog Day Afternoon, Serpico, And Justice for All and so many others impossible to list took matters into his own hands in bringing his latest role to the screen by acquiring rights to Philip Roth’s The Humbling. Made for $2 million and shot partly using director Barry Levinson’s own house, this low-budget indie—a scathingly funny story about an actor trying to navigate a deep professional and personal crisis—scored big in Venice and Toronto and now has brought Pacino yet another memorable character to add to his impressive gallery.

You actually optioned this movie for yourself, right?

I did, years ago. I read the book and I thought, “This is interesting.”…

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