Apple’s ConnectED Program Participation Brings Macs, iPads And More To Underserved Schools


Apple’s $100 million commitment to President Obama’s ConnectED program has resulted in Macs, Apple TV, and iPads being introduced to 114 schools, the bulk of which cater to students who qualify for free or discount lunch programs, meaning the investment is overwhelmingly going to school boards that wouldn’t necessarily be able to supply their own Macs or iPads for teachers or students.

Apple’s participation covers 114 schools as mentioned, which range across 29 states and 96 percent of the students of which are currently qualified for free or reduced-price lunches. 92 percent of the students at these schools are from “Hispanic, Black, Native America, Alaskan Native or Asian heritage,” according to Apple’s ConnectED microsite detailing its contributions to the programs, and each school that Apple is sponsoring also gets a dedicated team of Apple Education support professionals to help make sure the tech they offer is used to its fullest…

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