DreamWorks Animation, Disney & Sony Slapped With Class Action Over Wage Suppression Deals


A former DreamWorks Animation effects artist is taking on the ‘toon studios with a class action lawsuit over the anti-poaching agreements they allegedly had. DWA, Disney, Pixar, Sony Pictures Animation, Sony Pictures Imageworks and Lucasfilm are all called out and named as defendants in the jury seeking legal move from Robert Nitsch. “The conspiracy deprived Plaintiff and other class members of millions of dollars which Defendants instead put to their bottom lines,” says the filing in federal court here in California today. “It did so at the same time that the films produced by these workers achieved world renown and generated billions of dollars in revenues in the United States and abroad.” With a classification motion certain to follow, this suit could conceivably grow to thousands of claimants.

“The Defendants themselves have explained the purpose of the conspiracy and in doing so, articulated the harm and injury caused by it…

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