Apple Publishes The Top 10 Reasons They Reject Apps



Whether you’ve ever built an iOS app or not, you’ve probably heard tales of how frustrating it can be to get Apple’s stamp of approval.

But why does Apple reject apps? What are the big mistakes that most developers make?

In the first release of what looks to be something Apple intends to update regularly, the company has published a running Top 10 list of the most common reasons apps get rejected.

Here’s the list as published when the page first launched:

top 10

Alas, two of the biggest “reasons” seem like fuzzy catch-alls: number one is “More information needed”. Maybe your app’s description is weak. Maybe you forgot to include a link for a support page. Whatever the case, Apple expects some information that you didn’t provide.

Number three, “Did not comply with terms in the Developer Program License Agreement”, is equally broad.

The other 8, though, are pretty specific. The…

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