VHX Marks New Model Website for Filmmakers, Reveals Stats: Thompson on Hollywood

vhx-disco-2e8d5a05e0d54aaa0062bfeeddb47412Growing stagnation of an archaic and closed studio system, the decreasing cost of production and technology, and desperate need for the protection of artist integrity and expression, all scream for a change in the old film system and distribution of artistic works. VHX is the type of company we have been waiting for and addresses these very issues, putting the power back in the hands of filmmakers in allowing a direct and professional link to their consumers.

Anne Thompson has been watching this company for a while and writes: “When they won an Emmy, Pugh and Wilkinson launched VHX, without knowing exactly what it would be. They self-funded at first (investors came later), tinkering with aggregating shared video and creating the “Know Your Meme” encyclopedia. They eventually figured out that Louis CK and Joss Whedon were onto new models for direct-to-fan distribution, and when Ansari turned to them for help…

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