‘Boyhood’: Why Richard Linklater Owns His New Movie: The Hollywood Reporter

boyhood_5601_560Great post detailing a strange, but interesting occurrence in how film distribution contracts were constructed for Richard Linklater’s Boyhood and how this gamble could deliver massive payoffs financially and in securing some sliver of control over the distribution of a director’s film.

Tatiana Siegel for THR writes: “Richard Linklater’s new film Boyhood might jump-start a rare phenomenon in Hollywood: the director as owner. The director sacrificed his usual low-seven-figure upfront fee to share the copyright in his 12-years-in-the-making movie, as financial transparency improves in the industry and Hollywood’s take-the-money-and-run mentality shifts.

When Linklater’s longtime lawyer, John Sloss, structured the contract for the experimental coming-of-age drama — Boyhood was made over 12 years for a modest $5 million and is set to open July 11 — he insisted that financier IFC Films give the helmer part ownership of the movie’s copyright. Unlike a typical deal that offers a percentage of profits…

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