FCC to Propose Net Neutrality Rules That Allow for Special Delivery of Content


FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler plans to circulate proposed new rules of the road for the Internet on Thursday, including provisions that will allow content companies to negotiate with broadband providers for faster speeds and improved transmissions to consumers.

The proposal would allow for such pacts as long as broadband providers “act in a commercially reasonable manner subject to review on a case-by-case basis,” according to an FCC spokesman. Internet providers would would be required to offer a “baseline level of service” to their subscribers, the spokesman said.

“Exactly what the baseline level of service would be, the construction of a ‘commercially reasonable’ standard, and the manner in which disputes would be resolved, are among the topics on which the FCC will be seeking comment,” the spokesman said.

A notice of proposed rulemaking is scheduled to come to a vote before the FCC at its May 15 meeting, after which there…

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