#13HourDevour: Why This ‘Hannibal’ Binge-View Stunt is Smart Marketing


One month before the drama series “Hannibal” returns for a second season on Feb. 28, NBC made the first season available to Amazon Prime subscribers. Providing a catch-up opportunity is a smart way to drive tune-in back on air, but it’s something else NBC and Amazon are doing to collaborate that’s really shrewd: hosting a #13HourDevour event that invites fans to a mass binge-viewing session complete with exclusive content, contests and live tweets from the cast.

It’s not good enough for studios to simply license complete prior seasons and hope audiences just happen to find them. But these deals are becoming increasingly common: When the second season of “The Americans” makes its debut on FX on Feb. 26, its entire previous season will have been available on Prime for nearly a month. A&E’s “Bates Motel” is offering a slightly longer window for the first season, which went live on Netflix…

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