Theatrical Distribution with TUGG | Film Insights

Theatrical Distribution with TUGG | Film Insights.

In this episode Laura talks with guest expert Nick Gonda who shares insights and tips on:

♦ How to turn your screenings into a complete film experience that engages your audience and allows you to create a deeper connection with your community of fans

♦ How to get your films into theatres without financial risk or any major upfront costs

♦ How to successfully promote your event screenings and sell more tickets

♦ Ways to monetize your theatrical release or event tour

♦ How to set the right ticket price for your film and audience

♦ How to quickly and easily increase revenue with your theatrical release

♦ The 3 stages of a theatrical release strategy

♦ The #1 thing you must consider with your theatrical release

♦ How much prep time is required to execute a successful release campaign

♦ The deliverables every filmmaker needs to provide to a theatre

♦ The first step to get started with your theatrical release through TUGG


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