Paris Studios Anticipates Production Hike in 2014


Luc Besson’s 9-studio facility, Paris Studios, anticipates a rise in shoots in 2014.
Two major American productions are in advanced negotiations for a 2014 shoot, communications exec Laetitia Etchecopar told Variety at this week’s Ile de France Location Expo.

In the wake of France’s TRIP tax rebate scheme being hiked last year to a maximum $27 million for foreign shoots, there is a genuine increase in U.S. productions looking to shoot interiors on its sound stages, Etchecopar added.
Paris Studios are also enjoying a higher level of use from commercials productions: Per Etchecopar, advertising agencies believe they can achieve greater control of the creative process by shooting in Paris, rather than attempting to find cheaper facilities in Eastern Europe that involve greater unforeseeable risks and high travel and accommodation expenses for talent and crew.

Lodged in Paris’ Cite du Cinema complex, Paris Studios opened its doors in September 2012.


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