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The Act of Killing

For those of you familiar with the file sharing platform Bit Torrent, you know that such sites are used for distributing copyrighted digital files. Many new filmmakers, musicians and artists are using Bit Torrent Bundle to release new albums or films. Artists such as Madonna and Moby are embracing this space as a source and extension of their works (not available anywhere else). Recently the documentary film, The Act of Killing, released source materials ( such as interviews from VICE and Democracy Now) and production photos. Like a DVD’s “Behind-the-scenes” videos, Bit Torrent Bundle gives the public access to great material which is both passive and interactive. But what Bit Torrent does well, is reach a thriving massive worldwide audience. For a documentary film like the The Act of Killing, this exposure can have successful results, especially for a documentary focused on the genocide of Indonesian dissidents and the surreal reenactments (of events) by the perpetrators themselves. It’s no easy feat to promote and release a documentary, but Bit Torrent Bundle may give this film a groundswell of support by an active online community.

The Act of Killing 3

This open source and free material allows followers of filmmakers and musicians an opportunity to find rich material without the repercussion of downloading illegal work . One catch: you have to be a Bit Torrent Bundle subscriber to access the material. Regardless for the artists and viewers, this is a win-win situation. This exchange allows the artists to create a fan base they can contact via email when they have new work.  Would you consider releasing additional material via Bit Torrent for your film?

According to their promo video, Bit Torrent Bundle has
(that a lot of ears and eyeballs). In the case of The Act of Killing, photo stills and interviews are available to the public, so that they can understand the background of the filmmakers and the film (which I have to say gave me chills). Although I did not download the bundle, I was able to watch some streaming videos and learned about the genocides in Indonesia from Director Joshua Oppenheimer, and Executive Producers Werner Herzog and Errol Morris.

by Mario J. Novoa

The Act of Killing 2


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