FCP X: Creativity Flows

FCP X Novoa_Mario

My friend Dan Cotreau convinced me to use FCP X and leave FCP 7 behind. Begrudgingly I dragged my mouse and launched it on my MAC. I had a few days to learn FCP X because I had a new promo to edit for a client. I was also leaving the comfort of FCP 7, AVID and Adobe Premiere (sometimes you just try something new), which could delay my edit of the promo.

I had a few weeks to quickly produce and edit at high quality. I’ve done this many times before, but I was really sweating bullets. I didn’t want to compromise my time and integrity because of new software.  Like a mad scientist, I consumed FCP X forums, suggestions and video tutorials. Could I actually pull this off in such little time? Was FCP X as easy as Dan made it out to be? I kept hearing his voice over and over again, “You’ll love it.”

Fighting words! The challenge!

So how was it?  It was fantastic! The interface and features allowed me to navigate and edit without stumbling so much. Every time I had questions about video files, audio issues, titles, etc., I was able to find easy suggestions online. But I really didn’t have any issues with the technical aspects of editing on FCP X, my main issues were aesthetic ones. I came to realize that I was more or less, free to make my creative decisions about the promo than I was trying to figure out technical issues. For someone who started editing on tape decks to learning AVID in the early 2000’s, this simplified application proved its worth! FCP X allowed me to move quickly on my 2-year-old MAC without crashing. The baby was well-behaved.

FCPX Elevation Novoa_Mario @popfilmz

My clients and I worked side by side, making changes in real time. Rendering effects took little time and we were able to get a better view of the final outcome. The workflow was much quicker and more intuitive because I didn’t have to learn where all the bells and whistles were. Having used FCP 7 and iMovie made it easy to transition to this new platform. My clients were pleased with the speed and quality of my cuts, which created better creative feedback and turnaround. The promo looks great and is now being used as part of a pitch packet for a television show next year.

I’ll keep you updated on the progress of my FCP X adventures as I take on my next three editing projects in January.

Thanks Dan!

by Mario J. Novoa

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