Book Review: Steven Spielberg: A Biography

Gone Elsewhere


SpielbergIf you want to gain a greater understanding of one of the most significant figures in post-WW2 American cinema in Steven Spielberg, than Joseph McBride’s 2010 biography of him is as good a place to start as any.


Whatever one can say about McBride’s work (first edition published in 1997), it’s impossible to deny it isn’t superbly research full of excellent detail about Spielberg’s life from the background of his family to the present day. While he wasn’t able to interview Spielberg himself, he interviews a large amount of people for this work, perhaps most significantly Spielberg’s father. Even devotees of Spielberg’s career are likely to find plenty of new information about him in this book. For example, you’ll learn that three 1970s films Spielberg was attached to were eventually directed by Joseph Sargent (White Lightning, The Taking Of Pelham 1-2-3, Macarthur).


McBride is particularly adept in…

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