Arcade Fire’s ‘Reflektor’ Video Takes Control of Your Web Cam


This week two music videos for Arcade Fire’s new single Reflektor were released online, after a successful teaser was posted on Spotify a week earlier. In one version the band decided to create an interactive music video in which aspects of the video can be controlled by viewers who have granted the site access to the built-in-camera on their computer and smartphone.

Though some of the effects seem rather hastily conceived, the way one judges the actual effects of the video is ultimately immaterial when the video’s content is placed beside another facet of its presentation—a latent sense of unnerve. During the video, that small green light atop one’s desktop is lit. That means the site has access to your camera, which on its own, is unsettling.

That isn’t to say that Arcade Fire is necessarily using whatever information we unknowingly surrender by granting them access to both our computers…

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