ROBERT RODRIGUEZ changing the way Hollywood makes movies

NBC Latino

It was on the wide margins of his grade school Spanish-English dictionary where film director-writer Robert Rodriguez discovered his passion. Instead of listening to his teacher in class, he would sketch cartoon figures that would come to life with the turn of a page. And it was that same fast pace and animated approach to telling a story that would later allow the young film maker to revolutionize the film industry.

“When I was sitting in school drawing my flip cartoons I thought I would probably never get a real job,” says Rodriguez “I never thought I would be in Hollywood.”

It didn’t take long for the San Antonio native to stand out among the best directors in the field. His student film, “El Mariachi,” which he made with only $7,000 dollars that he raised by subjecting himself to a medical experiments, was praised by critics, ultimately pulling him into the spotlight as an up-and-coming…

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