Palmdale Boy Commits Suicide After Alleged Bullying


PALMDALE, Calif. (KTLA) — Family and friends of a 13-year-old boy from Palmdale are mourning their loss after he took his own life.

palmdale-teenAuthorities say Nigel Hardy was despondent about a recent suspension from Hillview Middle School in Kern County.

On Monday, Nigel’s father alerted authorities when he found a suicide note in his son’s room and discovered his gun was missing.

A gun was found near the boy’s body, which was discovered at a restaurant 20 miles outside town, Kern County sheriff’s officials said.

Hillview’s principal, Robert Garza, would not comment specifically on any disciplinary actions taken against Nigel.

But he said that the school had handled the situation appropriately.

Friends say that Nigel was sometimes bullied and mocked for his participation in an extra-curricular cheerleading club, AV Dynasty All-Stars.

One of his friends said he was with him on Friday when he punched another student who harassed him…

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