The 3D treatment genuinely enhances Steven Spielberg’s “Jurassic Park”

Denver Flicks


When restoring, remastering or remixing any artistic work, there ought to be some sort of Hippocratic Oath administered: “First, do no harm.”

Especially when it comes to 3D conversion of beloved films, the temptation to go too far in adding depth to the big-screen images can be as damning as the post-production conversions that only go after gimmicky, slo-mo reaches toward the audience.

But as a longtime fan of the Spielberg classic and the Crichton novel, I’m happy to report that “Jurassic Park 3D” finds a happy middle ground.

There are some visual tricks that seem slightly out of place, to be sure. Richard Attenborough’s champagne-popping billionaire John Hammond looks like a Hobbit relative to Sam Neill and Laura Dern in his first on-screen appearance.


Additionally, some scenes that might have seemed tremendous given placement on an IMAX screen don’t wow as some would expect, especially the helicopter’s approach en…

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