I take calculated risks. I analyze data. I don’t like being wrong, wasting my time and losing. I think because I like to look at where I am going, I tend to study what my odds are and whether or not it is worth my time. Sometimes intuitively you just know what the answer is. That intuitive answer leads you to action and that action comes from years of experience (kind of like riding a bike after so many years of not riding). A documentary film I produced is currently going through the festival circuit in the US. Knowing that making a profit from documentary films can be low we decided to tell a story that appeals to a niche market. As we move from festival to festival, we are listening to what our audiences are saying and building an online community. Before we go to distribution we will make one final polish so that we can deliver what our audiences will be expecting when the film is released. It is calculated but it is still a risk.


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