Trademark Dispute With Obama For America

Obama For America’s image is being tarnished! According the Law Blog of The Wall Street Journal website, has been taken to court by Obama For America. Can the use of the trademarked “O”/“Rising Sun” logo damage the president’s run for re-election? Obama For America feels that the use of the logo by an unaffiliated organization can cut it’s chances for fundraising. Valid point, but isn’t there some cross promotion going on here? Doesn’t promote the president’s run by selling promotional election items? Regardless there maybe a case for plaintiff. The defendant seems to think there is an opportunity for Obama For America.’s CEO Steve Schwat said, “It just seems commercially, politically odd that a campaign is protecting a logo that you’d think the campaign would want to be freely used and reproduced…”

The trademark in question is referred to as the “O” and “Rising Sun” logos. This image is by now a distinguishable trait because of its use in the 2008 presidential election. The “O” logo has elements of the American flag in its use of the red and white stripes. A blue arch encompassing the top part of the logo relates to the O in Obama. The “Rising Sun” can be seen in the center of the logo. The case as of 7/9/12 has not been settle yet. The case against is about its permission to use the trademark and selling “unlicensed product”. For both organizations, controversial topics can generate sales and donations. Overall, it’s bad PR for Obama For America.


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