The Rise of Mobile Search

My mobile device is tethered to Facebook, Twitter, The Los Angeles Times, Pandora, Fandango, Navigator and Google. If my limited smart-phone could do more, I would have more applications that linked me to all things Internet. The ease and use of having an instant connection to information is invaluable. It’s hard to think there was a time in my life without it. The rise in mobile users across the globe has been growing in leaps and bounds, soon out surpassing the desktop platforms. Companies must harness the mobile world to make their marketing effective. The marketing must meet the consumer’s demand for product and services via the mobile platforms. The current number of mobile phones used to link to the internet are over 4 billion and rising. Linking the physical world to the virtual world will allow mobile users to get information about product based on the location and information requested by the user according to the T.E.D. Talk video from Pranav Mistry called The Thrilling Potential of SixthSense Technology. As technology creates more mobile functions, I think people will be there to embrace and participate with the new exciting changes. 


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