Losing The Narrative

You intend to tell the story that burns inside your mind. The story that your intuition validates. The story that has strong resonance. Yet the moment external, overwhelming voices creep in, the intention, intuition and resonance is drowned. A storyteller’s voice should have persistence in the pursuit of the story. How does one quiet the world to listen to the voice within? Around the campfire we can engage the voice with the imagination of the listeners around the fire. Why should this be different when creating a film? At which point does collaboration cease? When working in a collaborative medium such as film, collaboration is key at different stages. It is this collaboration that enhances the value of the visual story, at the same time it is this collaboration that can cripple the voice. Too many voices, faces, opinions and compromises. When approaching chaos it is time to re-evaluate and meditate on the original intention. Upon retracing your steps it is a matter of time before encountering the voice you thought you lost.


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