Filmmaker Reboot

In 2007 I made an effort to transition from event video producer to narrative film producer/director. Although I made a decenet living as video producer and found the work rewarding, it was not full filling my need to create films that were meant for an audience. In the time that I worked for individuals and companies I gained technical knowledge, business administration skills, team management, marketing and produce touching videos.

In 2012 I have found that the steps I took 2007 have paid back in several ways. Currently I am producing two feature documentaries, Gay Latino Los Angeles Parts 1 & 2. I am in production on my first feature directorial effort: Aids LifeCycle Ride (Untitled). I have also gone back to writing and am writing a scene for a play called OUT for CASA 101. El Lujo de Soñar is another major film that I am co-producing with writer/producer/director Diana Lesmez.

When I read THE SECRET in 2007 I gained a different perspective and view points about ones future. Since that time I have worked with some incredble people and have produced/directed a lot of work: RED, THE YELLOW RIBBON EXPERIENCE, THE HOLLYWOOD CHAMBER OF COMMERCE PROMO (WITH ERIC GARCITTI), MOFILM (with JON LANDAU Producer AVATAR AND TITANIC).

It is fantastic to become self relaized and be able to hold true to your dreams. From 2007 to the present inspiration, hard work, diligence, balance and belief in the LAW OF ATTRACTION have brought me great things. My personal Christian beliefs have also helped me regain balance of my spiritual side. In my heart, mind and soul there is immense gratitude for being able to share extraordinary stories with an audience.


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