Educating ones client may seem like a difficult drawn out task, but in the end it may be well worth it. It is probably the most difficult part of the job. Sometimes you just want to get the information from your client and get the job done. I feel that the process of educating a client can have a positive or negative affect. You’ll understand each others personality, like and dislikes. As a project manager I always ask myself what I can do better to communicate ideas with other people and I have found that sometimes you just need to listen. You have to be an active participant in getting to know your client. Granted you can’t spend too much time with them but you may find out more about the person than you think and in the end you get to understand the project itself a little better. The negative side happens with there is a clash of personalities and/or ideas. That’s hard situation to fix or manage. One has to evaluate the situation at that point and conclude whether or not the project and client is in the right hands. As a project manager its always great to go back analyze where you could have communicated better and create a system to do it better next time. It is a craft not many know how to do well, but the payoff is amazing. I’ve attached a link that covers how companies are dealing with social media and how to harness that influence in their marketing departments. Just like our clients have to be educated, so do our organizations.


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