Writing for the Stage

Stage fright went away today. I’m not acting or public speaking, but writing. Not since 1994 have I attempted to write for the stage. Several incidents happened back then that made me step away from theater. In my rebellious pursuits I attempted to bring The Rocky Horror Show to my high school campus as a musical production. My town is and was extremely conservative. Several faculty objected to my pursuit and I left the theater and pushed forward to filmmaking.

Today I began fleshing out my scene for a compilation of scenes that will make up an entire play. I don’t doubt that the scene will be accepted (as it still needs to go through a submission process) but there is a feeling that a certain weight is lifting off my shoulders. A weight caused by so much self doubt over the years. It is the kind of doubt that paralyzes and does not let the artist move forward. I cannot wait to see it performed on stage with actors. I cannot wait till I direct actors for the short film version. It’s a blessing to be able to move forward on ones’ endeavor.


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