Creating a Community For Your Film

Kieran Thompson, a colleague and friend (who’s short film “RED” I produced in 2009) began a fundraising campaign on for his new film “Broken Leg”. His team after writing the short script, created a series of videos meant to create awareness of the story and characters. A website, a Kickstarter page, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Vimeo and email have all been utilized for their fundraising endeavor. No doubt they will be using the same channel resources to get the word out when the film is completed. Creating a community has been a number one goal for this short film. This ‘Leg” of the campaign has repeat its intended purposes for they have raised almost $19K of their $20K goal! On each channel they have created a unique blurb or video that speaks to that channel’s audience. Young and old alike have become contributors to this comedy by reading and viewing information about the filmmakers and the film. Contributors have not only found the material funny but have now been involved in the filmmaking process of “Broken Leg”  by funding the film’s production.


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