Facebook API

The Facebook API Graph is a tool used to potentially store a user’s data. That data can be recalled by others users, if they have an access key. By acquiring this data companies can get a glimpse into who the users are. Companies are more concerned with trends the Facebook users are following. Web designers can implement API’s into websites to engage customers by having them log into their page via the Facebook API and tracker users’ habits.


It can be used in a variety of ways to gain a user’s information and Facebook is full of information marketers and companies can use. Information like your location, where you have shopped before, items that you “like” and other past information is useful to marketers. By studying where people tend go for an experience, marketers can tailor website specific to that user habits or demographic routines. API is extremely helpful in also targeting friends of a particular user to find out things about them. When a websites asks your permission to access your information, the API access key allows information to be disseminated. The API allows ways to customize capturing data by the website’s specific request. The type of information that can be accessed is varied.


If I were to recommend API to a client, I would mention that you could link their status updates from Facebook to their webpage. Because Facebook is very popular at present, it would be great if a client could follow daily updates on Facebook. A client could also allow their visitors to sign in through Facebook and link up their webpage. By doing a company now has access to more information about that user. I recently used API to link Full Sail University’s Facebook status line on a webpage and loved having to see the current updates threading through the application.


RottenTomatoes.com allows users the option to log into Facebook from their website. Once logged in you’ve allowed Rotten Tomatoes to retrieve information about your movie likes and dislikes, as well as your favorite actors. Rotten Tomatoes can access this information to customize experiences for you and potentially recommend some products to you. Publib.com said,“ you can respond to rapid changes in your business environment without changing the applications that rely on the data in that environment”. Having an API attached to you business can generate of information that was not available before. Capturing changing information is key for any business to succeed.





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