Film Producing: It’s About the TEAM

Choosing the Right Production Team

Producing a film can be one of the most challenging journeys one could take: Find the write script, get the money, keep everyone sane and communicate with all involved. Most Importantly keep pushing the producer. It’s almost like getting ready for war.

My last ten years in the filmmaking world has taught me one important lesson: choose the right people to collaborate with. Many factors will be rushing against you when preparing for a shoot. As a producer it is my job to find a project to begin. Once I have financing and contracts in place, it is up to me to hire the team. You want to work with the best people for the job, so you have to have a project people are passionate about (or have the right incentives in place). The right team requires individuals who are trustworthy and are on the same game plan. I usually pick people I have worked with in the past. Most people I choose come from a place of ethical standards, accomplished artists and have a particular talent. The overriding goal is to create a great project that we can all be proud of and have our audience respond positively to.

Sometimes you develop relationships with people you work with and you let them into your circle of trust. Trust is the corner stone of any relationship and it is true in business as well. Being ethical is an important characteristic to have because it is understood that you adhere to certain fundamental standards. You must rely on balanced people who understand their right from wrong (being in Hollywood I have met many people of questionable character). You trust people to handle money, property and the livelihood of others. Being ethical on a production increases your opportunity to gain trust amongst the crew; thus, allowing for other job opportunities to flourish in the near future.

A production relies on people who will see the project to completion, so it is imperative that individuals on my production are accomplished individuals.  My criteria for hiring someone are, knowing that they have their personal goals. Such a person will have a personal investment and sense of pride in their work.  An accomplished individual will make sure that he or she will finish what they start. When the work of production gets to tough you want to know that you will have responsible individuals who will see the work through.

A talented individual who is ethical and accomplished enhances the production teams’ spirit.  I only work with directors of photography who can compose fantastic shots and production designers who create visual landscapes for films.  This great work inspires the team to bring their “A Game” to the table. I believe that a talented person not only understands the aesthetical side of filmmaking but also knows how to collaborate with other talent.

When your production crew finally sees what they have created, it is with sense of joy and achievement.  The team knows that their hard work, talent and effort have paid off. When I see that the audience and crew satisfied, I know that accomplished, ethical, talented people created great work.

Mario J. Novoa


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